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Pit Pals is committed to rescuing and rehabilitating Pitbulls and other power breeds, including but not limited to, Bull Terriers and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Pit Pals is dedicated to educating the public on how to treat and love animals in general while focusing on Pitbulls and educating the public on how to deal with the breed properly and to show the public, including kids, that dogs are sentient beings, and not someone’s property to do with as they please. Our education plan will include the necessity to sterilise your animal and will work with our supporters and fundraising team to raise money to assist those families who do not have the funds to sterilise their dogs. We believe sterilisation will lead to less over population and is extremely important. We will also educate potential dog owners the importance of not supporting “backyard” breeders and to support local welfares to ensure the animals we have rescued have an opportunity to be given a new home.

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